London man seems to be free of HIV in second such case

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The therapy had an early success with Timothy Ray Brown, a US man treated in Germany who is 12 years post-transplant and still free of HIV.

Unexpectedly, the stem cell treatment - from a donor with a mutation of the CCR5 gene, which is a co-receptor for the HIV-1 infection - ended up with Brown's HIV going into remission, where is has remained ever since.

"The so-called London Patient has now been off ART for 19 months with no viral rebound which is impressive, but I would still be closely monitoring his viral load", Sharon Lewin, IAS Governing Council Member and Co-Chair of the Towards an HIV Cure initiative, said. This genetic mutation is HIV-resistant.

When it comes to the search for an HIV cure, in some ways the urgency has gone. This indicates that other patients, in the same circumstances, should, where possible, receive transplants from a donor with this same gene mutation.

While two individuals appear to have been cured of HIV, there are still thousands living with the virus, including these three HIV-positive activists. He decided in 2016 to have a stem cell transplant to treat the cancer, the Associated Press reported.

Testing over the past 18 months have shown no traces of HIV in the man's system, and the case matches that of the first documented case of HIV being cured back in 2007. The Guardina Newspaper in United Kingdom also reported that a London patient with HIV has become the second person ever to be free of the virus after a bone marrow transplant, raising hopes of a cure for Aids.

Dr. Gupta from University College London has stated that the two rounds of successful treatment prove that the Berlin patient "was not an anomaly".

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Gupta's patient, a male resident of the United Kingdom who prefers to remain anonymous, was diagnosed with HIV infection in 2003 and began antiretroviral therapy in 2012.

He said his team planned to use these findings to explore potential HIV treatment strategies.

Compared to Brown, the London patient had a less punishing form of chemotherapy to get ready for the transplant, didn't have radiation and had only a mild reaction to the transplant. NAM aidsmap provides HIV news and treatment information to support people living with HIV, throughout the United Kingdom and internationally. He waited about nine years after being diagnosed with HIV to start anti-HIV drug therapy.

After examining over and over the "London patient's" blood to look for H.I.V., the scientists could not find any circulating virus.

He still doesn't take antiretroviral treatment, the treatment that most people with HIV take, and yet he remains essentially cured. About 37 million people worldwide now have HIV, and the AIDS virus has killed about 35 million since taking off in the 1980s. He also naturally had one Δ32 copy, and when similar efforts failed with other patients, there was speculation this, or some other rare feature of Brown's case, was required for success.

Two, the new bone marrow-which is where blood cells are made-is actively eliminating new HIV-infected cells.