Soon there will be only one Blockbuster store left in the world

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As of this week the second-to-last Blockbuster location in Australia announced it will close its doors later this month, meaning there will be just one franchise video store left.

Ms Borszeky and her husband have been in the industry for nearly 30 years and have owned various Blockbusters in that time.

Blockbuster stores in Anchorage and Fairbanks, Alaska, closed last July.

Now, earning the title of the last one on the planet "is not hurting us", Harding said.

According to the Australian Associated Press, the Blockbuster located in the Perth suburb of Morley has finally succumbed to the tide of competition from video streaming services and notified customers that it will be closing its doors by the end of the month.

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At the time, the store had regular customers, mostly middle to older aged, but there was a decline in younger visitors aged 15 to 30.

"I had no idea", Sandi Harding, general manager of the Blockbuster store in Bend, told local newspaper The BulletinOpens a New Window. when asked about the Australian store's closure. But the company's business model soon became stale when Netflix and Redbox started providing on-demand digital services.

By April 2017, only 10 Blockbuster stores remained in the US.

'We knew change was coming but were a bit surprised how quickly it affected our customer base once Netflix hit the Australian market, ' owner Lyn Borszeky said a year ago on the effect of online movie streaming services.

Against all odds, the location in the small town of Bend has persevered.