Battlefield V Firestorm Datamine Reveals Lots Of Potential Details

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Twitch streamer shroud caught wind of the leaked trailer for Battlefield V Firestorm, but wasn't completely sold by what he was seeing. Notably, the video details that Firestorm will be playable in Solo, Duos, or four-player Squads, while also detailing that weapons found in-game will be broken down into a rarity system-Common, Rare, and Epic-to signify to players the most valuable items worth holding on to.

Assuming the video is legit, one of the cool things that will be a part of Battlefield V's battle royal mode is the ability to fire a sidearm like a pistol when you are knocked down.

What are you thoughts on this Firestorm datamine?

Overall, it looks and sounds like a fairly conventional battle royale: It's a "level playing field" with no distinct classes, and while teammates can revive you when you're down, once you're out, you're out-there are also no Apex-like resurrection stations to bring you back from the dead. Maybe this will spark Dice to release something more official. You have limited ammo, though this can be bolstered by backpacks.

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Firestorm's map have major objectives that, when captured, unlock attack vehicles. The card supports up to 64 players, although it is possible that in the future this number will increase with the release of updates or additions. Vehicles will make you pretty deadly and will help you traverse the map quickly, but they will give away your location and leave you vulnerable to anti-vehicle weaponry.

Could Battlefield V's Firestorm compete with Apex Legends? Check out the full reddit post above and let us know in the comments.

All in all these details do leave us feeling confident that this take on the battle royale game mode may be a good one.