"Robot" Delivered End-of-Life News to a Patient, Outraging His Family

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"As a society we can not accept this as a "new norm" or "standard operating procedure". there is still a need for human touch especially in the last hours of your life", Ms Spangler said.

Quintana died two days after being taken to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. Attached was a screen streaming a live video of a doctor wearing a headset.

"If you're coming to tell us normal news, that's fine, but if you're coming to tell us there's no lung left and we want to put you on a morphine drip until you die, it should be done by a human being and not a machine", his daughter Catherine Quintana said Friday.

Over the robot's video screen, Wilharm says she and her grandfather learned that Quintana's lungs were failing and he did not have long to live.

Wilharm says getting the news from a screen was disgusting for her and her grandfather, she also said the hospital should have had more dignity and compassion.

A septuagenarian Californian learnt of his impending death through a video link, outraging his family, who protested against the dehumanised and robotic way in which the news was delivered.

The robot essentially told Quintana, "you might not make it home", said Wilharm.

When Mr Quintana's wife arrived, she complained to hospital staff about how the news was broken to her husband.

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Mr Quintana died the following day at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centre in Fremont, in the USA state of California.

"The evening video tele-visit was a follow-up to earlier physician visits", Gaskill-Hames said in a written response.

"We will use this as an opportunity to review how to improve patient experience with tele-video capabilities", she added. She said it did not replace previous conversations with patients and family members.

Wilharm told CNN that at that point she had to call her mother and grandmother so they could get back to the hospital.

However, she also defended the use of the technology, stating that telemedicine does not replace in-person conversations with patients, and that the technology allows the facility to have more specialists to help with patient care. His family is upset with how the situation was handled.

Family friend Julianne Spangler slammed the hospital for its lack of care, saying this was "not the way to show value and compassion to a patient".

"That Robot Dr. May be ok for some situations but not to tell a Man he is going to Die", a family friend wrote in a Facebook post that included a screenshot of a video taken by the patient's granddaughter, Annalisia Wilharm.