Samsung to launch new cheaper flagship smartphone

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Samsung is apparently working on a budget flagship that's going to be priced lower than the Galaxy S10e. The standard handset is rumored to come with four rear cameras, so could the 5G phone add an extra lens, which is what Samsung did with the S10 5G? Most OEMs just push non-carrier updates on their own schedule, but Samsung runs the update through the big four United States carriers before delivering it to unlocked phones.

It's obvious by now that using facial recognition to unlock your new Galaxy S10 is definitely not a good idea and locking your device using this method could expose your private info if someone else gets their hands on it.

It's a worrying trait but, according to Samsung, face unlock exists chiefly to help expedite access to your device, with the fingerprint sensor a more secure option for those concerned with privacy. "If you usually wear glasses, you might want to keep them on while you set up Face recognition".

What Verizon will charge for 5G
Samsung will eventually launch Galaxy S10 5G as a timed Verizon exclusive, but that won't be arriving until sometime this summer. The 5G Moto Mod - which snaps on the back of the otherwise 4G LTE Motorola Moto Z3 - will go up for pre-order tomorrow, March 14.

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The internet is talking about the very polite, very particular way that Romney blows out his birthday candles. That's right, Mitt Romney has learned how to game birthday cake for the maximum amount of wishes.

Ethiopia crash pilot had in-plane issues, victims mourned
The Lion Air flight flew for 13 minutes before crashing, while the Ethiopian Airlines jet crashed at six minutes into the journey. Canadian and American carriers remain the last major airlines using the plane.

For the last several months, rumors have been swirling that Samsung has codenamed the Galaxy Note 10 "Da Vinci".

You'll see everything in this video from getting lock screen and biometrics setup going to which camera features are worth acknowledging.