Ukrainian hackers used quizzes to leak over 60K Facebook users' data

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From what the company wrote, apart from compromising their details on Facebook, the users also compromised their web browsers. However, they would then direct users to install web browser extensions that gave the hackers access to users' Facebook (and other social media) accounts. Once users landed on these sites, they'd be prompted to enable push notifications in their browsers, which eventually led the same users to install various browser extensions.

The report comes as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has emphasised the importance of personal messaging apps. The extension then allowed the hackers to serve non-Facebook ads to FB users, according to The Verge.

Facebook, in its lawsuit filed on Friday, alleged that the Kiev-based entrepreneurs violated Californian and federal anti-hacking laws, and sued them for fraud and breach of Facebook's terms of service.

"As a result of installing the malicious extensions, the app users effectively compromised their own browsers because... the malicious extensions were created to scrape information and inject unauthorized advertisements when the app users visited Facebook or other social networking sites", Facebook wrote.

It's been a roller coaster year for Facebook investors. That's true, but it the extension wouldn't have been able to grab data if the developers hadn't been accepted by Facebook as registered developers, permitted to use Facebook Login.

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A pair of Ukrainian hackers used seemingly innocuous online quizzes and surveys, with titles like "What does your eye color say about you?", to gain access to private Facebook user data and to target users with "unauthorized" advertisements, the social media company says.

"Facebook was vulnerable to very similar types of attacks, which simply means that Facebook is really good for targeting particular users with advertising, so it makes the platform so valuable", Dan Patterson, senior producer at CNET, told CBSN. Also, the hackers claimed of having scraped data from 120 million accounts on Facebook.

Facebook in his statement of claim says: Scam name is Andrey Gorbachev and Gleb Sluchevsky.

From the implications of the lawsuit, Facebook may have allowed these hackers into their network by approving them as developers. In both cases, the defendants are overseas and seem unlikely to suffer serious consequences.