Google Lookout uses AI to help visually-impaired people navigate the world

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Now, the AI-powered app is available, as long as you're a Pixel owner. It has three modes: one to help explore the world and assist with cooking, one while shopping for reading barcodes and seeing currency, and the last for reading pieces of text on mail, signs, labels, and more.

The search engine giant previously stressed the importance of designing for accessibility, and has released various accessibility apps to improve the user experience for people with disability as of late.

Lookout uses AI to allow users to identify objects around them through their phone's rear camera. Google says that it has been working on the app since it was unveiled previous year.

Lookout is primarily created to work in "situations where people might typically have to ask for help"; Google cites examples like "learning about a new space for the first time, reading text or documents" and daily tasks like "cooking, cleaning, and shopping".

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Unlike other apps, Lookout doesn't require further tapping: Once it's opened, users just have to keep their phone pointed forward for Lookout to warn them about nearby items. The company says it's hoping to make the application more accessible, so it could eventually make its way to to more devices, countries and platforms in the future. The Google Lookout is now limited to Pixel phones; however, the company has promised to expand the app's availability to more devices, countries, and platforms.

Clary recommends that users wear their device "in a lanyard around [their] neck" or in a shirt's front pocket.

The app has been made available exclusively for Google's Pixel users in the United States by Google. As of now, it is unclear when Google will roll out the app on other hardware besides the Pixel phones. Share your thoughts in the comment box below and also stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more such interesting updates.