Lucky Streak: Virginia Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times in One Day

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Deborah Brown won the Pick 4 Lottery prize of $150,000 in February 2019.

Some people have all the luck.

Deborah Brown initially bought 20 tickets for $1 each.

So later that day, she bought 10 more tickets at the same location with the same numbers. She made a decision to purchase 10 more tickets later in the day - again going for the number combo of 1-0-3-1, NBC News reports.

Deborah Brown, Virginia in the USA, bought 20 Pick 4 tickets for the Virginia Lottery; with all of them having the same four digits for the same draw on 11 February.

She used her lucky numbers, "1-0-3-1" for each tickets saying later, "A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers". She said she just had a feeling about them.

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Each winning ticket earned her a $5,000 prize.

In fact, the top prize for $1 play is $5,000. She recently went to pick up her $150,000, WTKR reported.

"I almost had a heart attack", Brown told the Virginia Lottery.

A Virginia woman found herself with a six-figure payout after playing the same four number sequence on 30 different lottery tickets.

Brown said she does not have "immediate plans" on how to spend her newfound fortune, but she is thinking long-term about using the money for home improvement projects.