May claims to secure last-minute changes to her Brexit deal

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Here's might be the answer.

The three-part package of changes effectively aims to resolve a key sticking point for British MPs over the so-called backstop plan to keep open the border between European Union member Ireland and the British province of Northern Ireland.

The ERG said its legal advice was the agreement fell short of the prime minister's own tests.

Mrs May said the agreement made a legal commitment that the United Kingdom and the European Union would begin work immediately to replace the backstop with alternative arrangements by the end of December 2020.

Labour leader Mr Corbyn urged MPs to vote against the deal when it returns to the Commons, saying the prime minister had "recklessly run down the clock" on negotiations.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker tweeted that the changes provide "meaningful clarifications and legal guarantees".

The UK Parliament is scheduled to debate and vote on May's withdrawal agreement Tuesday.

With the approaching deadline intensifying fears that economic and personal turmoil might follow a "no-deal" withdrawal by Britain, Parliament voted 321-278 Wednesday to rule out the possibility.

Theresa May is battling to get her "improved" Brexit deal through the House of Commons tonight.

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"Whenever there is any update to Brexit negotiations or parliamentary votes, we see a spike in support requests as customers try to understand what it all means for the pound and our Brexit Support Desk will be anticipating lots of queries today and tomorrow once the results are known".

Ranko Berich, head of market analysis at Monex Europe, said: "we are now back to a base case where May's deal is rebuffed and she is forced to seek an extension".

Some in the ERG are expected to hold out against the deal no matter what May comes back with and do everything they can to nudge the United Kingdom towards a no-deal Brexit.

The House of Commons has a total strength of 650 MPs.

Eleven members of the independent group first meeting at 1 George Street Westminster in London, England, February 25, 2019.

The immediate reaction was cautious from the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) which props up May's minority government. With 10 MPs in the parliament, it ensures the survival of the May government, and it might rally behind the prime minister now.

An opposition Labour Party spokesman said this meant she had "given up any pretence of leading the country".

It has also increased the chances that May's fragile government could fall, sparking a snap election. The remaining Scottish National Party with its 35 MPs and other smaller parties are also unlikely to offer any support.

Or will they accept that this deal is the only one on the table, and that nothing else is possible between now and either March 29 or June 30 - so they simply must hold their noses and vote for it, to avoid political chaos and a possible no-deal Brexit?