How lucky? Australian man survives arrow attack because of his phone

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A MAN has escaped major injury, by using his mobile phone to stop the full force of an arrow, which was allegedly fired at him by a man he knows.

In a unusual incident, a man was saved because an I phone took an arrow for him.

Police said the arrow pierced the victim's phone, knocking it back into his face.

A confrontation occurred outside the man's house in Nimbin, which is approximately 110 miles south of Brisbane.

The 43-year-old who had an arrow fired at him by a home intruder in New South Wales, Australia remarkably managed to block the shot with his mobile phone.

Authorities said the suspect then "engaged the bow and was ready to fire".

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It caused a small laceration but the man was otherwise unharmed.

Police confirmed in a statement that officers were called to the 43-year-old's home at around 9am on Tuesday following the alleged altercation.

A 39-year old man was arrested at the scene and charged, police said.

This would sound like a tall tale, except the police posted photos on social media of the pierced phone showing the arrow tip extending out through the screen protector.

He was refused bail to appear at Lismore Local Court on April 15.