Android Q will come with new capabilities for protecting location data

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The initial beta builds of major Android OS versions by Google usually reach a very limited set of smartphones, followed by other devices by OEMs.

Discussing the new feature, Google said: "With Android Q, the OS helps users have more control over when apps can get location".

Boris Cipot, senior security engineer at Synopsys Inc, . also advised users not to download any unknown apps or apps from unknown providers, at least not immediately. This is similar to how iOS works. You can tell apps exactly how often they're allowed to access your location data.

With security such a major focus, staying safe when connecting to different networks can be challenging. In Android Q, it is making it easier to see which apps have which permissions, so you can keep flashlight apps from having access to your call logs. For example, if a feature allows a user to search for a restaurant nearby, the app only needs to understand the user's location when the user opens the app to search for a restaurant. In fact, a new APK update for the Google Play Store was released yesterday.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Android has always been sharing files and photos, because of the delay while waiting for the Share menu to load. Here's how to get it right now. Cooper is also the lead editor for Tech News Watch.

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"The main objective of these apps seems to be generating easy revenue for their developers, rather than protecting their users". Apps will have to provide new permissions when targeting Android Q. If an application is targeting Android 9 and lower, the permissions will be automatically added, the company explained.

"To reduce these interruptions, Android Q will prevent apps from launching an Activity while in the background".

In case some of you might be wondering if downloading this update is worth your time, then you should know that the new 14.0.28 APK is a high priority download for all Android users.

One of the features many phone makers have been highlighting over the previous year or two is the ability to use the fancy new camera systems to create interesting effects with different focus and depth effects. In the upcoming Android Q, such another change will be coming and, this time, the ax will fall on apps read and manage items you copy to Android's clipboard. So, any app that can't even spot those is not worth using.

Android is also now getting native support for HDR10+ and the open source AV1 video codec, which means that media providers will be able to stream high-quality video while using less bandwidth. The same list also points out the underperforming vendors, many of which we've never heard before. Android Q attempts to fix that.