Julian Assange tried to create 'CENTRE FOR SPYING' in Ecuador embassy - president

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange repeatedly violated his asylum conditions and tried to use the Ecuadorian embassy in London as a centre for spying, Ecuador's President Lenin Moreno told Britain's Guardian newspaper.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spent nearly seven years holed up inside Ecuador's London embassy.

Parents across the world would be cursing at the sight of a skateboard being used inside the house.

Moreno, who was less sympathetic to Assange's cause than his left-wing predecessor Rafael Correa, had requested that he limit his online political presence, stop riding his skateboard in the embassy hall's and clean up after his cat.

While Assange awaits the very likely possibility of extradition to the U.S. and prosecution for reporting on the sins of the world's most powerful, mainstream media "journalists" are doing humanity another great service - by posting irrelevant videos and pictures taken inside the embassy in an effort to assist Quito in its smearing efforts.

Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said the Ecuadorian government has been spreading lies about his behaviour to justify allowing British police into its embassy to take Assange into custody.

Add John Oliver to the list of people who are backing - albeit reluctantly - Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Assange's guests finally left after the ambassador reportedly arrived in the early hours of the morning.

A lawyer for the Australian hacker, who remains jailed in London pending a ruling on possible extradition to the US, has accused Ecuador of hurling "outrageous allegations" to distract from their "unlawful" abandonment of her client.

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"I think the first thing to say is Ecuador has been making some pretty outrageous allegations over the past few days to justify what was an unlawful and extraordinary act in allowing British police to come inside an embassy".

"I've been visiting him for the last seven years".

"Inside the embassy it's become more hard".

Assange's relationship with his hosts collapsed after Ecuador accused him of leaking information about Moreno's personal life.

Julian Assange following his arrest.

The United States is also seeking his extradition after charging him with conspiring to break into a Pentagon computer system.

Moreno also reiterated the claim made by the Ecuadorean government that Assange's hygiene and behavior constituted an "aggressive campaign against Ecuador" from inside the embassy.

One particularly controversial piece, consisting of gun camera footage leaked to Assange's organization by former US army soldier Chelsea Manning, appears to show US Apache gunships firing on civilians in Iraq in 2007.