Police can now see if you’re on your phone while driving

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The campaign is being supported by the mother of 11-year-old Aimee Goldsmith who was killed by a driver who was using his phone.

"In the Thames Valley since 2014 there have been 83 people killed or seriously injured as a result of drivers using their mobile phones and 40 have been killed or seriously injured in Hampshire".

According to MoreBikes, Thames Valley and Hampshire police are working with the traffic signage manufacturers Westcotec to build a device that is installed roadside to monitor both mobile phone signals and passing traffic.

The detector picks up 2G, 3G and 4G signals and will therefore flash to alert people in cars who are using phones to call, text or data.

Hampshire and Thames Valley Police are the first to use the device, which has been developed by tech firm Westcotec.

The detectors cost £6,000 each and will be deployed and trialled at various points around the constituencies.

The technology will not be used as an "enforcement tool", the forces said, but was instead aimed at educating motorists and identifying offending "hotspots".

Hampshire Constabulary is about to crack down still further on those motorists who persist on using mobile phones at the wheel.

The campaign is being supported by Kate Goldsmith, who lost her daughter Aimee after a lorry driver crashed into the vehicle she was a passenger in while he was using his mobile phone to change music while driving.

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She was killed along with her stepbrothers Josh Houghton, aged 11, Ethan Houghton, aged 13, and the brothers' mother Tracey Houghton, aged 45.

Drivers caught using a mobile phone while driving are now fined £200 and given six points on their licence.

Ms Goldsmith said she welcomes any technology which can assist in educating people and stop them from using their mobile phones whilst driving.

She said Aimee's death was "completely avoidable".

We wouldn't be surprised, given the goal is to make using your phone while driving "as socially unacceptable as drink-driving". We will be utilising a bus in order to travel around locations in the Thames Valley and Hampshire to spot motorists breaking the law and using mobile phones.

RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: "Driving and using a handheld phone do not mix, it is an incredibly risky and distracting combination".

A statement by local authorities that says: "we can see you", to drivers using their phone behind the wheel.

"I have stopped a few people and said, "you're using a mobile phone - it's actually a driver like you that killed my daughter", she said.

The technology detects when Bluetooth is being used but can't tell if it is the passenger is using the phone - but the sign will still be triggered anyway to advise drivers about the dangers of getting distracted by mobile phone use.