Sudan forces move to disperse Khartoum sit-in, protesters vow to remain

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"If our demand for the formation of a civilian transitional council with military representation is not met, we will not be part of the executive authority, the cabinet, and we will continue the mass escalation and the sit-ins to fulfill our demands", Rabie told Reuters.

Amid the celebratory demonstrations, there have also been outbreaks of gunfire between remnants of the old regime and the new military caretakers. For more CNBC Africa is joined by Emery Nzirabatinya, an Expert on International Relations.

The United States, Britain and Norway said Sunday it was time for Sudan's military rulers and other parties to hold talks over the country's transition to civilian rule.

In a communique on Monday, the African Union's Peace and Security Council called for Sudan's military to transfer power to a "transitional civilian-led political authority" within 15 days or face suspension from the AU.

Also Monday, Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan, the head of the transitional military council, announced an overhaul of the military leadership and appointed a new chief of staff, according to a military statement. "But now the emergency law governs all of us", the banner said.

Sudanese protesters have moved to block an apparent attempt to break up their sit-in outside the defence ministry in Khartoum, where demonstrators have been pushing for a quick transition to civilian rule after Omar al-Bashir was ousted as president, a witness has said.

Earlier, the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) protest group issued an urgent call for people to join the sit-in and block any attempt to disperse it.

In the footage, an officer is heard saying they came to open roads, "clean the area" and remove the barricades set up by the protesters to protect their gathering.

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Some of the most prominent SPA leaders, most of whom are in their 20s and 30s and were detained until after Bashir's ouster, spoke at the news conference. The SPA has also called for the confiscation of properties belonging to the ousted president's National Congress Party and the release of soldiers who sided with their movement.

On Saturday evening, the new military ruler named NISS deputy head Jalaluddin Sheikh to the council, with Himeidti as its deputy head.

"Afterwards, the SPA will be comprised of unions, and will be a guardian of democracy in Sudan", she added.

The army also established a military council to run the country for a transitional period of two years.

"Transparency" was also necessary to build this confidence, Siddiq said, explaining it was necessary for the military council to clarify the whereabouts of Bashir and "other senior former regime figures".

Bashir, his former interior minister Abdelrahim Mohamed Hussein, and Ahmed Haroun, the former head of the ruling party, will be charged with corruption and the death of protesters, two sources with direct knowledge of events told CNN.

Hemedti has also met with other Western diplomats, including the US chargé d'affaires and Dutch ambassador to Sudan.